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Alejandra Soviagez

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Yoga and relaxation pure wellness

Today Yoga has become a form of exercise that is even practiced in gyms all over the world. Originally from India, yoga has many aspects, some of which were recently created, which seek to combine the training of physical form with meditation and breath control. Many of the people who come to Yoga centers today…
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Why practice the best yoga: hatha

All types of Yoga have the same postures, what changes from one type to another is the dynamic or the way in which these postures are executed. The one that is postulated as the most complete is Hatha Yoga because it is the most classic and ideal for beginners. Hatha Yoga is a gentle introduction…
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Yoga on the outside or inside

Yoga is a fairly flexible exercise as no large machines or instruments are needed. You only need a mat and your body to be able to practice it anywhere. Most of the time we go to Yoga centers where the instructor receives us for a class of about 90 minutes. But Yoga is not only…
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Madrid’s 3 best places to do yoga

Yoga has come to the great European capitals to stay! Whether you are travelling to Berlin, Paris, Rome or Madrid, finding a centre where this practice is becoming more and more common. The best thing is to find a specialised centre where you can go and do your exercise as effectively as possible. This is…
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yoga meditation

Sophrology, an efficient relaxation technique

Sophrology is defined as a personal training based on relaxation techniques and activation of the body and mind. The aim of this practice is to manage personal emotions and develop skills in any area of life. Through this practice one’s self-awareness is improved and one’s own resources are reinforced to establish positive habits and live…
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